What It Is
Glass or steel basketball backboards that can be lowered or retracted, either manually or by electric winches. These are attached to a steel framework designed for safety and sturdiness and permitting the raising and lowering of any or all backboards (main or side courts) with the push of a button, the turning of a key, or the cranking of a manual winch.

Key Points

  • Allows use of gym for purposes beyond full court basketball
  • When retracted, backboards are in the ceiling rafters or flat against the wall, out of the way
  • Consists of backboards, rims, nets, steel framework, and retraction motors
  • All goals are manufactured from heavy duty tubular steelwork frames to accommodate the backboards.

  Most school gymnasiums are multiple-purpose rooms. They can be basketball courts one minute and volleyball courts the next. Service Sports can help make the transition quick and effortless. Our power retracting backboards allow you to do the conversion with the push of a button. They also allow you to provide multiple retracting side court backboards in addition to the main court backboards to allow multiple games to occur at the same time.
  Service Sports has been installing basketball equipment throughout southeast Michigan for over 30 years and have worked with all roof structures, wall structures, standards of intended use, layouts and will provide you with advice to suit your needs and your budget. We will not just sell you a "standard" product. We take the time to understand your needs, discuss the options, and analyze your gym’s roof and wall structure. Only then will we provide a firm quotation for the installation of the optimal equipment.
We therefore need to observe your gymnasium and its roof structure before we can provide a quotation. We want to avoid surprises for you later on. We want to ensure what we quote for will work in your gym, will not conflict with other equipment in the gym, and can be installed safely without damaging your building or putting the users at a safety risk. This may take more time than other suppliers, but we consider it more important to provide a firm price for the equipment you want and that will work for you, rather than to provide a "budget" quotation with surprises later. We want you to benefit from our experience and advice.

indoor_retract2aOur ceiling mounted retractable backboard systems are custom made to suit the buildings structure providing the rigidity to meet F.I.B.A. requirements. Retractable system consists of load spreading truss type head frames evenly distributing the load footprint to the roof. Low profile truss type down frames include stabilizing torsion bars and cable bracing. Manual or electric winching systems are available. Roof retractable basketball goals are supported from steelwork within the roof structure and are stored within the roof. They are lowered by winch down to the operational height.

Variations and Options

Ceiling or Hinged Wall mounted retractable backboard system
Ceiling-mounted backboard and framework retracts into the ceiling when not is use. Wall mounted to fold away in either direction. Available in projections from 1.5 ft. to a 12 ft. maximum (over 12’ imparts an excessive loading on the wall). Stabilizer wires fixed to the wall at high level are required on goals above a projection of 3.5m to provide additional stability when in use.

Rim Height Adjustment system
Height adjustable backboards are suitable to provide junior or mini basketball as well as competition basketball. This optional height adjustment system allows quick and easy adjustment between regulation 10' and 8' 6" junior levels

Main court or side court backboards
Backboards can be mounted for both full court and half court use

winch1Manual or Power (button or key actuated) Retractor Winches

  • Hand winch - Each goal operates independently from its own wall mounted, ratcheted hand winch
  • Electric winch - The goals are arranged to operate simultaneously as a pair from one roof mounted electronic winch. We use only a 3-phase heavy duty electronic motor to power the winch system. A 3-phase motor is far more reliable than single-phase one, will last longer and permits the micro-adjustment required to ensure accurate operation.

Backboard Shape and Composition
Rectangular or fan-shaped backboards, Glass or steel backboards

Standard basketball rings are fixed. However we also offer pressure-release slam dunk rims which comply with NHSAA specifications. These can be fitted with the original installation or can be self-installed at a later date.

Free Fall Safety Device
Heavy duty load arrestor operates in the unlikely event of a cable or winch failure to prevent free fall of the goals.


Backboard Protection Padding
Foam pads can be permanently attached to the wall under the basket. They cushion human/wall impacts and reduce the incidences of crash bruises and broken bones.

Selecting the Backboard Options Best For Your Needs and Budget
bbdtimer02Our experts will work with you through the backboard and superstructure selection process as well as the delivery, installation, training and maintenance steps. We advise you on the options you have, the cost of each option, and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each option. We strive to make sure you're satisfied. An intelligent selection based on facts and not spin is most likely to insure that satisfaction..

The Installation Process
Once the backboard and superstructure configurations have been determined, Service Sports will obtain then deliver the items to your facility. Installation will take place by our team of experienced installers in a timely manner and at your convenience. Senior staff will be available to guide you through the installation and answer any questions that may arise, resolve any issues that come up, and show you and your staff how to operate and maintain the new equipment. They might even be persuaded to shoot a few hoops with you, strictly for testing purposes of course.

After Sale Support and Maintenance
If it breaks, call Service Sports. We'll come out and repair or replace it. Those days of frustration as sellers, wholesalers, installers, and manufacturers take turns passing the buck are over. When you deal with Service Sports, you only need to make one call to solve the problem. We do the rest. That's why we are named SERVICE Sports.

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Your Next Step
RussOnPhone2Call Service Sports at 313-538-4990. They will help you zero in on what you need and what best fits your situation and budget. Once that is determined, they will provide you with a quote that includes both the equipment and its installation. This will be based on your needs, priorities, and budget.He will also gladly provide explanations and their reasoning for the items selected.

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